GAY BLACK PRIVILEGE: Are Gay Blacks Treated Better By Society?

Are gay black men treated better than straight ones? Does gay black privilege exist? Are gay people richer than straight people? Are gay people richer than straight people?

Football Player Richie Anderson Comes Out To Teammates In New BBC Documentary

Richie Anderson came out as gay in a film broadcast on the BBC’s One Show this evening. 

In the film he discussed issues around being gay in football in general, drawing on his own experience as a Sunday League footballer.

Anderson also met with Paul Elliott from the Football Association (FA) Inclusion Advisory Board.

The pair discussed what is being done in the UK to tackle homophobia in sport.

He also met with a gay manager who manages teams made up of players none of who identify as gay and the members of a gay football team in Birmingham.

Black Gay Man Learns To “Love Myself And Love My Skin” After Being Racially Stereotyped Abroad

While studying abroad in Japan, Micah Peterson found himself being repeatedly stereotyped because of his race. While this was an unpleasant experience, Micah managed to turn it into a positive and returned home with a deeper sense of pride in both his Blackness and his Queerness.

Rory Teasley Kills The #Diamond Challenge In New Viral Video

This is just what we needed to get the weekend started on the right foot.  C'mon cakes tho!

Watch: Kevin Of Black Ink Crew Comes Out To His Dad

After keeping his sexuality hidden from his father for thirty years, Black Ink Crew tattoo artist Kevin Laroy, a.k.a. Baby Face Killa, is finally telling his truth.

In last week’s episode of the hit VH1 reality series, 30-year-old Kevin asks his father, who he hasn’t seen in years, for an on-camera sit-down at his apartment.

Gay Webseries Love Sex and Marriage Follows Four Friends In The City

First comes Jack'd then comes, Love sex and marriage!  Join four friends and they enjoy life, deal with drama, and wish for marriage in the big city!  Subscribe now and tell a friend.


Meet the Cast of The New Gay Reality Series "G-Status"

(Atlanta) January 2nd, 2017 - Several popular Gay men in Atlanta are spotlighted, taking viewers through a journey of their talents, struggles, personality and professional goals of working in the Entertainment Industry. This platform will showcase their success and growth individually and experiences in a group setting while they work together to create a Major Industry Event to enhance the LGBTQ Community. 

G-Status: ATL Hustle is produced by Kitaii Lanes Productions and P3K Productions and will appear exclusively on Youtube this Spring. 

About The Producers: 

Meet the Cast: Bobby Lytes Is Not the Typical Gay Guy | Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Determined and confident, Bobby Lytes says he’s ready carry the torch to make sure Miami hip hop stays on the map.

Hot Boy Tonio Presents: How Can You Have No Ass But Twerk A Bitch Down

Gay Comedian Jaboukie Young-White Debuts On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

2017 has been a killer year for Jaboukie Young-White. On top of being a consistently hilarious presence on Twitter, Young-White recently made the move to Los Angeles and was hired to write for the next season of Netflix’s American Vandal, and during last night’s Tonight Show he got another big break by making his late night standup debut.