Straight Couple Gives Gay Men Advice on Having Straight Friends

Recently the team over at "The Experts" answered a letter from a gay viewer asking for advice on acquiring and having straight friends.   Navigating the waters of friendship can be tricky after coming out to your straight friends.  Some of them are more accepting of others and like hair, you may lose a few. 

The Grio Presents: Being Black and Gay In the Church

Homepage/Opinion Editor Gerren Keith Gaynor hosted a critical conversation on the black church and the politics of homophobia. He was joined by prominent church leaders, such as Michael Walrond of FCBC, Minister Donald Garner of The Greater Allen Cathedral of New York, and Minister Cory Scott. 

Watch the video below

Funny or Die: Gay Sex Positions

In this vintage clip from Funny or Die Jude and his boyfriend Terrance cant decide who is the top, and who is the bottom in the relationship. Jacob helps them decide by putting them through a series of tests to help them decide.

Show Featuring Trans Men Eden's Garden Returns For Season 2

Eden’s Garden is a scripted series that covers the lives of seven transgender-male best friends, including three trans-females who are like the sisters to them. Eden’s Garden is the first series to cover trans people of color in a media related entertainment way. Eden’s Garden is inspired by true stories that represents the lives of multiple transgender people. The director & writer is a black transman himself: Seven King. The writing come from personal experiences and observation from his own journey.

Valentíno Quiñones Describes His Experience With A Sugar Daddy

My Experience with a sugar daddy. please don’t judge me. lol the point of this whole video is to show that sometimes the easy route isn’t always the best route and hard work and perseverance is sometimes a lot more satisfying than free shit lol. and you never want to be put in a situation where someone thinks they own you or can control you. anyways thanks for watching! unfortunately my hard drive went, so i might have lost my Shoulder Routine video. ill keep you guys posted though if i can recover that one.

Vlogger O'Mar Byrd Describes His First Time Bottoming

I'm nervous, and I'm trembling, waiting for you to walk in.  Wait, that was Betty Wright, but O'Mar Byrd has a story that's just as interesting.  We all remember our first time, though some of us have to think back a little bit further than others.  Unless you have an experienced top, it sucks and even when you do it sucks, and continues to suck until it doesn't. 

Video Claims Keyshia Cole's Ex Daniel Gibson Is Dating Gay Stylist Jaylon Aaron

While Keyshia was cooking up fish plates her ex was out getting sausage.  Or so Famelous and Ask Kissy are insinuating.  The rumors started after celebrity hair stylist Jaylon Aaron posted a video of him and Daniel Gibson to social media with the caption Bae.  The gossip sites ate it up.  Later Aaron retracted and said it was a joke and Gibson was involved in a photoshoot where he was the stylist.


When your boyfriend and gay best friend don't get along

We have a hard time taking any of these "comedians" seriously when they only seem to be funny when they dress up as caricatures of black women.  We also don't think many of them are straight, but thats another post.  This video is borderline bs because I'm pretty cool with my girl's boyfriends.  The only straight men that tend to have a problem with their girl having a gay bestfriend are the ones that secretly want to suck your dick.

Shoe Palace Employee Attacks Gay Man, Gets Dragged Like A Old Pair Of Shoelaces

Alè Valenzuela was minding his business when a Shoe Palace employee acosted him in Sherman Oaks mall.  Somebody should have told him Mr. Valenzuela had them paws.  How do you start a fight, lose a fight and call someone a faggot.  He and Shoe Palace are in for a rude awakening as Alè is threatening legal action.

In a facebook post he states:

I was just assaulted by the manager of Shoe Palace at the Sherman Oaks Mall. He was arrested and taken to jail. I will be contacting their corporate office tomorrow first thing in the morning.

Supaman and Ronald Matters Are All Of Us Reacting To Moonlight's Best Picture Oscar Win

Moonlight's Best Picture win got a lot of people talking including two of our favs, Supaman and Ronald Matters of  Watch the video below of the two of them reacting to the movie's historic win.  It wasn't too different from our own!