Black Gay Movie Star's Life Is Turned Upside Down In "Red Carpet, Hashtags, and Heartbreak"


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Get your popcorn ready for "Red Carpet, Hashtags and Heartbreak" a new film written and produced by Davien Harlis. After becoming America’s hearththrob, at the height of his career Dylan Smith (Davien Harlis) is accused of a crime by a scorned lover that he assures the world he is completely innocent of. When social media gets word of Dylan’s crime his life is immediately changed. Morgan (Jody Fulton) and Tori (Markell Williams), Dylan’s best friends, immediately run to his rescue and begin to pick up the pieces. With Dylan out of the way and his throne up for grabs, Marcus enters in and takes over. It’s not long before familiar ways, betrayal and jealousy catches up with him and he finds himself back to the drawing board. 

We sat down with Davien to get the inside scoop on the film

What inspired the project?

I was an actor on a television show and they insisted on making me very feminine and I noticed that they expect all gay men to act the same. I wanted to create a project and show the diversity of our community. I had all of these amazing actors around me and I kept saying  wanted to work with them all because I was such a fan of everyone and they all agreed.

How long did it take to shoot the movie?

It took us 11 days to film all the scenes including the reshoots.

What was it like producing your own film?

It was a LOT to produce my own show. I did just about everything by myself and I will never do that again. I was able to show myself that I am capable of doing a lot more than I give myself credit for though.

In what ways are you like Dylan and in what ways are you all different?

Dylan and I am are similar when it comes to how he reacts to things. He's a quiet storm. He's very direct and to the point. I think people get caught up in his looks and don't expect the tiger underneath. I am different from his violent spells. In the film he doesn't mind being violent.

What did playing Dylan teach you about yourself?

Playing Dylan showed me that when dealing with relationships and friendships its very important not to be selfish or self centered. I'd like to think I am a very giving person BUT I am one of those people if you call me and tell me a story I will takeover the story and tell you about my experience with a similar matter lol. I think I know EVERYTHING too. Dylan taught me to shut up sometimes.

What was your  inspiration for the film?

Apart of creating my film was to help others rid themselves of the excuses when it comes to getting things done. I have been hired to work on so many projects but then things don't work out because of budget or other excuses. I funded this project with my paycheck. No sponsors or outside help.

What message do you want the movie to most convey?

I want people to see that although we are gay actors that our talent is just as good as any other artist and we deserve the opportunity to shine like any other mainstream artist. Gay doesn't take away our capabilities.


You can get more info on the film on social media or their official website:

Instagram: @Redcarpethashtagsheartbreak


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