D. Woods Joins The Cast of Popular Gay Webseries "T.R.A.D.E"


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(Atlanta) Platinum Recording Artist and Actress, D. Woods has joined as a lead cast member in Season 2 of popular webseries T.R.A.D.E (The.Reality.About.Downlow.Experiences). She plays a Congress woman by the name of Marcela Ashford who is running for the coveted seat of Georgia’s next Governor. With political elections there comes scandal and she’s not holding back on doing whatever it takes to expose her two candidates in the running.

Series​ ​Overview:

In a world where emotions are ferociously explored in private, but in public are evaded mainly due to society’s homophobic stain on its citizens, where events are demoralizing to a specific race or gender, where uncomfortable and uncontrollable statistics burdened a specific sexual orientation devoid of education and prevention, only one web-series truly captures the essence of life on the down-low, while providing a fascinating political and psychological twist. T.R.A.D.E is a provocatively stunning thriller with deep dramatic variations intent on captivating its audiences. Our web-series depicts and showcases profound systemic bias and racism that certain elements of our society embody and utilize successfully to the detriment of others. 

The Reality About Down low Experiences captures the essence of living in the LGBTQ community in the twenty-first century along with various hurdles that are yet to be cleared if maximum acceptability is society’s ultimate goal. The main philosophical force behind the writers of T.R.A.D.E is not fame or fortune, which is always welcomed, but instead to educate our communities of the challenges we still haven’t overcome.


Following the mysterious disappearance of Atlanta’s most prominent business figure, marketing guru and psychopath, JAMIL CHARLES-STANTON positions himself as the new influential face of the city and in doing so decides to run for the Governor’s Mansion to advance his own special interests. T.R.A.D.E focuses on the psychopathic life of MR. STANTON, 32, the CEO of a fortune 100 marketing firm. Plagued by the murder of his childhood friend and fierce business competitor who’s currently presumed missing, JAMIL strives to assume the title of the city's most eminent figure. With an insatiable appetite for popularity and power, MR. STANTON engages into a down low relationship with Atlanta’s current mayor and candidate for Governor, MR. ADRIAN POWERS. With the two attached intimately, the mission is to destroy one another to win the election with MR. STANTON stopping at nothing to succeed even if it means murdering whoever stands in his way. T.R.A.D.E is simply a dark gritty psychological crime drama about affluent public figures whose secrets catapult their careers.

T.R.A.D.E is Executive Produced By Celebrity Fashion Designer KL Allen and Urban Media Personality DiamondKesawn. 

Cinematography By: Kensly Fresh Films

The series is written by Dante Black and Sheldon Crawford.

With the success of LGBTQ Webseries, we have been given a platform to have a voice. While there are many complaints about the portrayal of Black Gay Actors being glorified through images of sex, drugs and criminal activities, we want to touch on these subjects not to portray our characters in a bad light but show some of the problems we face in our community as a whole and educate while resolving their issues throughout the entire season.

This Season we will touch on the following topics:

Black Lives Matter Movement



Mental Illness

Being A Gay Black Man

Living with AIDS/HIV

Being An Angry Black Woman

Being Labeled A Whore/Golddigger/Sidechick as a Black Woman

Sexual Abuse

Being A Black Cop With All The Black Lives Matter Issues.

Being A Racist


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