Jay Will Says Blameitonkway Stole Titi's New Look From Kandie And Has Receipts!


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Internet superstar Jay Will is not here for Blameitonkway's character Titi's new look, saying she now looks like a carbon copy of a character he created named Kandie.  In a video just recently posted to Facebook Jay will asked ""You wana see a dead body?" (little kid from BoyzNdaHood voice) Blameitonkway . Kandie - Lipton Thief"  

In the video Kandie drags Titi for stealing her look but it doesn't stop there.  Kandie also shows screencaps (see below) where Blameitonkway asked for Jay Will's help in making a wig.  When Jay noticed that Titi was starting to resemble Kandie he called Kway out.  

Kway denied it saying he was just trying to rebrand Titi, which he had been advised by Lala and Joanne The Scammer.  Kway then went on to say that their characters were totally different and he had a different audience.  Watch the drama unfold below.



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