Lamarr Townsend Asks "I'm Gay and Out of The Closet, Why Am I Not Happy Yet"


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People think that coming out is some cure all to all of life's problems but its usually just the beginning of a long road to self acceptance.  In his latest vlog, Lamarr Townsend tackles coming out and the aftermath. 

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Shout out to cupcaKKe (Cupcakke) and her song "Lgbt"

In this video I talk about the benefits of coming out of the closet as a gay man, lesbian woman (or a gay woman), bisexual man or bisexual woman, and/or a transgender man or transgender woman and all of those in-between. Sometimes people have the expectation that once they come out of the closet and stand in their truth and live in their truth that their life will be easier and will get better. In some cases, that is true, however, in other cases it is not true. However, you have to find the strength within yourself and you have to love yourself enough to keep being you regardless of how people feel about it.


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