New Black Gay Mini Series Trading Pasts: The Prequel To T.R.A.D.E

Who doesn't love a good back story? This is a PREQUEL to T.R.A.D.E THE SERIES

Trading Secrets: Jayden and Jamil is a 6 part mini series about the friendship and growing Bromance between the two. 
This is the beginning how Jayden and Jamil first met. 

Written By: Dante Black

An AGTV Online Original Series in association with P3K Productions

Executive Produced By: KL Allen
Associate Producer: DiamondKesawn

Director: KL Allen

Cinematographer: Kensly Fresh 

Editor: Khalil Williams

Starring Rishard Goolsby as Younger Jamil C Stanton
 and Dondrey Moore as Younger Jayden Woodard

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