Philly Gay Pride Attendees: Are You On The List?


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Mothers Jacen and Mercedes Prodigy are throwing the can't miss event of Philly Pride 2017 on April 29th and if you aren't there lets just say you didn't make the list.  With the event being MC'd by everyone's favorite master of ceremony Jack Mizrahi and DJ'd by Deelish Ebony its already a sure fire hit.  Check out the details below: 

Philadelphia Black Gay Pride, Philadelphia FIGHT and The Legendary Mothers Jacen and Mercedes Prodigy 


Date : April 29, 2017
Time: Doors Open at 4pm Ball Starts Promptly at 5pm
Ball Ends at 12 Midnight
Price: 25.00 for Entry b4 6pm $30.00 After 
( Happy Hour Open Bar from 5pm to 6pm)
Tables $ 100.00 before April 1st 150.00 after April 1st
MC: Jack Mizahri 
DJ: Deelish Ebony 

All Guest's who attend "THE LIST" also receive a discount on entry to THE PHIRM PARTY. There will also be an EXPRESS LINE for all attendee's of "THE LIST"

If you get STI Screenings at Philadelphia FIGHT and receive Reduced Admission for "THE LIST" 

Catagories are as follows:


Tonight you and your partner have been selected to receive the award for sexiest couple at “The List” Come "Move" the crowd with your sex appeal FULLY DRESSED for your tens. Then for the battle zone peel down to your most scandalous complementing effects. Open to all genders and any combination of sex sirens 1 Trophy and $500.00 Cash


Tonight you been invited to represent the ballroom scene at the White House LGTBIQ Affairs Dinner. On the invitation it reads dress code: COLOURFUL….LOUD….EXAGGERATED…..and PRINTED. You are allowed a plus one. Who will you plus one be ? What will you two be wearing that will showcase ballroom and meet the said requirements. GAG us with your partner as you both are an “Unexpected Pair” Examples Monica and Dawn Vs Meechie and Kedon vs Marlon and Jlyin vs Andre and Arnold vs Tyra and Yusef vs Mark and Kamaro vs Mark and Zakee Vs Eric and Derek vs any other "Gag Team" 1 trophy and 500.00


The Icon hall of Famer Mother Renee Karan for years held the title as the reigning queen of Philadelphia. She was known for slaying face and realness state to state and causing havoc on the runway. No matter what the category called for our fallen angel Rene was the "IT GIRl" when it came to FQ face!!!!! Whether her hair was blonde, red, short, molded, long, bob or bone snatched she knocked it out of the park. The Foundation was set…. Can you fit the mold. !!! (Women vs BQID VS FQ) 3 Trophies and 1 cash prize of $500 


Tonight one sister must team up with one twister in complementing colors. The look is on you but the performance must be on point. Remember this is TAG TEAM !! (Your sister can be a BQVF or BQID or Women) Please do your research and remember in order to enter this battle zone you can’t come empty handed you must add $10.00 to the pot. 1 trophy and $500.00 Cash plus pot


Tonight in “any” army fatigues join forces with someone who is just as equally “REAL” as you are. Can you two unite together and destroy everyone in your path. Open to any gender combination but you must be 100 % REAL !!! 1 Trophy and $250.00 cash


LEGENDARY BQ VF Vs Legendary BQ Realness with a Twist $500

There has been so much fuss about who’s “Legend” and who’s “Not” it’s no secret that performance has always been an exclusive club and it’s not meant for everybody. The same goes for Legendary Status but in recent years the game has changed… OR HAS IT !!!!. Tonight we want to see what Era of “Legends” will reign supreme. The Scene made it easy for you, but tonight will your “ERA” do the same. Tonight bring it and show us why your “LEGEND or SHOULD BE”. 4 trophies 1 cash (1995-2002 vs 2003-2010 )(1997-2005 vs 2005-2010)


Tiefa Icon, Shay-Shay Mizrahi,Eugene Milan, Lil Kevin Prodigy,Ray-Ray Mizrahi,Stacey Revlon, Charles Khan,Thierry Mizrahi,Peanut Revlon,RIkki Allure,Neal Prodigy,Arturo Mugler,Pony Garcon,Malachi Garcon,Milan 007 Baby Boy Revlon,Marquis Revlon,Biscuit Movado,Kevin Jz Prodigy,Eugene Balenciaga, Jamel Prodigy,Prince Mugler

Dashun Lanvin,Berlin Ebony,Raven Mizrahi,Foxxy Milan,Kiddy Aga, Mya Karan Icon, Pretty Prodigy, Vito Milan,Trouble Ebony,,Angel Balmain, Cassandra Ebony, Sheldon Khan-Mizahri,Reynaldo Milan, Thaddeus Balenciaga, Tim-Tim Milan,Lil James Khan, Jlo Allure-Balenciaga ,Salina Prodigy, Omari Mizrahi, LaLa Escada, Troy Mizrahi, Havoc Ebony,MeMe Revlon,Jamil Icon, Pumps Mizrahi


Ski Prodigy, Soda Pop Chanel,Richard Aga,Asa Chanel,Black Milan,Mikey Prodigy,Jomar Karan,Rico Allure,Dj Prodigy, Face Ebony, Kima Milan,Joesph Ebony, Bubby Revlon,Sincere La Perla,Boogie Revlon,Kenyatta Prodigy,Maurice Prodigy,Shaheer Balmain, Ali Ebony,Juan Lavin

Rashaad Prodigy,Ken Balenciaga, Anthony and Andre Balenciaga, Jymeek Ebony, RayShawn Chanel,Lil Meech Ebony,Diego Mugler, Lavelle Balenciaga, Darnell Allure, Verrell Chanel,Cam-Cam Prodigy,Blaque Mizrahi, Lil Tip Chanel,Ninja Blahnik,Myke Icon, Darius Khan,Charles Ebony,Lil Ant Aga

Every Look isn’t always worthy of grand prize…. Or is it ? well tonight bring back to life an effect that you lost in at a previous ball. Remember that age old question in runway was it the look or was it the walk, that caused you to lose this night. Well tonight's your chance to add this look to you “LIST” of moments. Do you have what it takes or will this be another failed attempt. 1 Trophy and 1 cash $250.00 process of elimination until the last person is standing. 

Grand Prize FQ Performance $1500.00 “Royalty’s Request” 

Tonight it's all about looking “LIKE” feeling “LIKE” and “SERVING LIKE” ROYALTY !!!! All of my Legendary and Iconic sisters are automatically invited to slay. But for the list I am requesting the presence of some of the up and coming talented girls to bless the runway. If your name isn’t on the list come make me know it but don’t forget your $25.00 entry fee. Oh Ladies REMEMBER YOU MUST BE #HASHTAG #FEELIN IT in order to snatch this grand prize. I’ll be watching , may the best woman win !!!!

“The List”
1..Veronica Mugler
2.Asia Balenciaga
3.Tamiyah Balenciaga
4.Courtney Ebony
5.Lola Ebony 
6.Tati Mugler
7.Davina Icon
8.Mya Mizrahi
9.Tutu Khan
10.Barbie Revlon
11.Paris Mizrahi
12.Bella Revlon
13.Kimiyah Ebony
14. Allison Prodigy
15.Jada Revlon
16.MeMe Prodigy
17. Nevaeh Icon
18.Yanni Ebony
19.Tanera Revlon

Grand Prize BQ Face $1500.00- “The Annihilator” did you make “ THE LIST”

Over the years I have given you countless amounts of looks. I am a true chameleon, who served in look after look. I was able to be creative and still serve face. My attitude was alway “Unapologetic”, my antics was “Extremely Shady” I commanded the room when I entered it. 
Face is all about the Look, The Attitude, The Presence and The Sellage. Lets not forget the elements SKIN,TEETH,STRUCTURE,SMILE,NOSE,EYE’s and as Icon Nigel Mugler says “Clean Nails”. So with that being said tonight is your night to impress the judges and myself. The look is completely up to you. Make this your “Moment” will you “OWN” The night. If you are a Legend or an Icon you are automatically invited. But I would love to see the up and coming men come to play. If your name was not selected. Make me know it and gain entry to “The List” for an additional $25.00 The pot starts at $1500.00 who knows where it might end up. Annihilate everyone that stands behind you!

“The List”
1.Koree Garçon
2.Mar’kell Garcon
3.Tyson Mugler 
6.Tre Milan
7.Christian Prodigy
8.Joesph Garcon 007
9. Skyy Prodigy
10.Bryan Balenciaga
11.Jerry Mizrahi
12.Emery Garcon
13.Noah Escada
14.Juju Revlon
15.Alex Revlon
16.Jo’rel Milan
17.Deon Mugler
18.Roz Mugler
19.lil Rico Balenciaga
20.D’Anthony Balenciaga
21.Los Chanel
22.Kountry Chanel
23.Maxwell Escada
24. Cameron Balenciaga
25.Ashton Prodigy
26.Smilez Milan

The List:


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