Watch: Episode 8 Of Gay Code Tackles Cruising At The Gym


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In the latest episode of our favorite webseries, Gay Code tackles cruising at the gym.  Whether you've done it consciously or subconsciously we've all taken a peak at the meat market that is the gym.  That's the only other reason people go other than to work out.  Take a look at the responses from the hilarious men and women of Gay Gode and be sure to subscribe to their channel!

About Gay Code

Gay Code is a bold and smart, male driven comedic web-series that is quickly becoming known as everyone’s favorite gay uncle. From over the-top tips on how to use an enima, how to get straight boys off the chat line, or even how “The PrEP pill” can protect you from HIV. Gay Code features some of the biggest personalities in the LGBTQ community, laying down the laws of what is means to be gay, proud and most! Online and media personality Isaam Sharef of the hit OWN Network show "Iyanla Fix My Life" is the producer and creator of Gay Code. He and Julius McFly of "The Gentlemen Of New Jersey" serve as narrators of this mess along with Darnell Thomas of “InstaEdge Radio Show”, Donnie DuRight of YouTube fame and most recently his "2 Much 4 Brunch" series, Video Vixen Miya Mychalz" is our resident "fag hag", Celebrity Hairstylist to the stars Dee tranny Bear and first timers, fellow youtuber and actress Chris Miss, Legendary Drag Queen Harmonica Sunbeam, Talent Manager Derrick Thompson, or resident Heathen Kitab Rollins, Youtube Star Skorpion, and our token "straight guy" Kimani. This show is more than just "shits and giggles" but a platform to "edutain LGBTQ youth and the straights who don't quite get it. Do you know the code?


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