Out Comedian Sampson Tackles Homophobia in Black Families

Just in time for the holidays.  Out Comedian & Writer Sampson talks about some of the challenges of having homophobic male family members in his concert performance at the DC Arts Center.

“The Brown Skin That I Am In”: Gay Filipino-American Finds Empowerment In Diversity

Growing up in California, Christian Tanja was no stranger to racial bias, whether through subtle interactions at restaurants or American beauty standards. Thankfully, these perceptions and experiences changed once he involved himself with a diverse group of peers and spent some time abroad. 

Keith Dupree Tries Out the Vanilla Extract Fleet Method

If you want your boy bits smelling and tasting like fresh baked cookies for real whats the best way?  After this picture of a holiday bottom starter kit went viral around the internet it got folks to wondering about why you would need vanilla extract. 

Rapper Fly Young Red Says Dad Found Out He Was Gay After Watching "Throw That Boy P*ssy" Video

Well thats one way to come out.  There are certainly worse ways for your parents to find out what your sexual preference is.  Fly Young Red has a coolness about him that he most certaintly gets from his pops who is chillin in the background.

My pops is a fool man keep in mind he found out about my LGBT affiliation lol from the “Throw That Boy Pussy” video!! It was a lot to take in but we cool man and I wish this for all Black Fathers and their Gay sons!!!.

Take A Look Inside Frank Ocean's "Paris Is Burning" Themed Birthday Ball

Frank Ocean's 30th birthday party was a Paris Is Burning themed vogue ball, complete with Eiffel tower cake, star-studded guest list, a catwalk, and the best damn outfit a birthday boy could ask for. 

Drag Racers Shanegla and Kim Chi were also in attendance. And so were SZA, Amine, and friend and collaborator Tyler, the Creator (who took his green ensemble for a sashay as well).

New Series "A Beautiful Cruel Thing" Follows Gay Couple Moving From Atlanta To Miami

 'A Beautiful Cruel Thing' is the story of CHAD and MYRON who have left their friends behind in Atlanta and relocated to Miami to live out their lives together though they soon realize that is not going to be easy. After Chad jeopardizes his portion of his late father's inheritance, he and Myron get some devastating news about Myron's health that forces them to put their life and love for each other on a timetable -- and in the process learn to live each precious day and night as if it were their last because very soon -- it will be.

Video: Why Are Black Gay Men So Lonely?

We want to overcome the bullsh*t. This is where and how the conversation started with Jai and Rig. -- 

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Church Removes Musician's Piano From Pulpit For Being Gay

Despite being hired by the church to play the piano, they moved the piano off the pulpit and onto the ground after discovering the musician, David Raleigh, is gay. If that wasn't enough, they picketed a bar that hired him.

Everyone Has Secrets On New Gay Webseries "Shadows"

New Episodes every Sundays !!
7 College Students Face the Harsh Reality of life as each and every one of them has a deep dark secret/ scandal that they have been up to, Shadows goes beyond your basic Gay/ Straight series as each student is dealing with whats going on in todays society from dl hook ups, drug dealing, using drugs , escorting and so much more !!! Stay Tuned !!!!

"I'm Don't Want To Be Gay Anymore" Guy Plays Horrible Prank on Boyfriend

If you want to piss off your boyfriend this is the way to do it.  I learned a long time ago some people you can prank and others you can't.  I don't know if I could date either one of these two because I am KNOT the one to prank.  Emphasis on KNOT because thats what you're gonna have on your forehead fucking around with me.