Man Finds New Purpose In Life and Work After Friend’s HIV Diagnosis

D’Ontace Keyes worked for a local HIV/AIDS organization, but always viewed his job as just a job. That changed when a close friend tested positive for HIV.  "After that incident, I knew that the way I did my work would have to change."  Keyes says in the latest video from I Am Driftwood.  Watch as he recounts the story below.

P.S.  We got every follicle of our lives from that blonde swirl he has going on.

Short Gay Film "Bash" Asks Would You Fight For Love

Not only would you fight but how hard.  This short film Directed by Tyson FitzGerald, starring Ka'ramuu Kush, Shawn Carter Peterson, and Reggie Watkins proves it doesn't take much time to tell a complete and compelling story.  We really enjoyed this and hope you will too.  Check it out below!

Watch: 14 Year Old Boy Slays Nicki Minaj Lip Sync of Super Bass

He was feeling himself! 14-year-old Awra Briguela, a contestant on TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids, killed his performance of Nicki Minaj's hit tune “Super Bass”, and winning first prize, which included a prize of approximately $20K and a trip to South Korea.  Watch him serve the performance below.

"Strike A Pose" Documentary Tells The Story Of The Men Who Taught Madonna About Voguing

(NBC) Say the word "vogue" and "Madonna" and the iconic video with the amazing dance moves come to mind. Twenty five years later, a new documentary, "Strike a Pose," catches up with six dancers, who unknowingly, would become icons to legions of dancers and gay kids worldwide.

Watch: Raising Eli Season 2 Trailer

From brain of Tyson Anthony comes season 2 of Raising Eli.  From the looks of this trailer it will be even better than the first!

Exorcists Try To “Cast Demons” Out Of Gay College Student

Spoiler Alert: They failed.  Praying in tongues and holy water weren't enough to keep Sam Johnson from living an openly gay, happy life. "If being gay is so bad, why are we so cute, and why are we just so amazing in life?"

Zara Larsson On Featuring A Black Gay Couple In Symphony Music Video

The Swedish singer tells Fuse why it was important to feature a relationship you don't see often in the media, for the "Symphony" video with Clean Bandit off her new album 'So Good'

Comparing Being Gay to Being Black | Lgbt Movement VS. Civil Rights

Consciouz Tv shares his commentary on the similarities between the lgbt movement and the black activism and struggle in America.

Short Film "Out Again" Tackles Coming Out To A Parent With Alzheimer's

Coming out can be tough. But for Cat, the deadpan heroine of Shatterbox Anthology's newest short film, Out Again, it's become a strange measure of her mother's progressing Alzheimer’s. During a surprise visit home to announce her marriage, Cat quickly realizes that her mom doesn't remember that she's gay. But after Cat and her wife, Liz, are spotted kissing in the garden, she has to come out again, this time to remind her mother of who she is and the people she loves. Add Liz's hope to get pregnant into the mix, and the newlyweds are in for quite the weekend in the suburbs.

Coming Out as GAY at 19 My Ex-Boyfriend Outed Me!

Martez shares the moments when he came out the closet as a gay man.