Documentary "Dear Dad" Explores Relationships Between Black Gay Men And Their Fathers

Created by Chase Simmons, the documentary "Dear Dad: Letters From Same Gender Loving Sons" shares the stories of eight black gay/same gender loving men writing open letters to their fathers.  Released back in 2013 if you haven't seen it, it is a must watch.  We have to continue to tell our own stories and release our own movies.

From the films website:

Watch People Explain to Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity​

While I'm pretty sure I could have this conversation with my parents, I don't know that I want to.  Ever.  It wasn't all that great and I don't think the story is really worth repeating.  I also KNOW they don't want to know the first place I had sex. 

Black Men Chat: Why Gay Relationships Don't Work

On the latest episode of Black Men Chat, the guys discuss why Gay Relationships sometimes don't work out.

Izzy Miguel






SNAP-CHAT- Tdanieleva

Royalty In Our DNA: Juan and Gee Tease 6th Annual Gentlemen's Ball Weekend

Let’s CELEBRATE!  The 6th Annual Gentlemen’s Ball Weekend: We Are ROYALTY! is a three-day celebration featuring a series of events that are sure to engage, enlighten, and entertain! The highlight of the weekend is The Gentlemen’s Ball: We Are ROYALTY, a black-tie fundraising gala and Awards Program that celebrates the accomplishments of Gay, Bisexual + Transgender men of color who have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life of the minority LGBTQ community and who have demonstrated a commitment to social change. 

Being Black and Gay in the 1960s: A Matter of Life and Death

As a college student, Don was able to obtain a student deferment and stay out of the Vietnam War. For this reason, the risk of expulsion school for being gay was a very real concern. 

Black Man Talks About Experiencing Racism At A Gay Bar In the 90's

One day while having drinks with friends at a neighborhood gay bar, Don heard someone in that group being casually racist. In that moment, he knew that this person did not view him as an equal.


Lil Kim Slayed My Soul At DC Pride This Year

"When the queen comes to town, everything shut down!"  Lil Kim showed up to DC LGBT pride this year and showed out.  A long time alliance of the community She has become a staple at black pride events.  You can say what about Kim but what you won't say is that she doesn't ALWAYS show the kids love, that she always comes and puts on a good show and she LOOKED GREAT!

Jay Versace Presents: The Different Types Of Homophobes

Which one is your favorite?  Just kidding, there are no good homophobes ever.  

"Ballroom culture is about so much more than voguing " Mic Mini Doc Examines Ballroom Origins

For over 100 years, ballroom culture has revolutionized the meaning of family — and these days, it's still as important as ever.

Valentina's Elimination Was Not Shocking, Period

Before every lip-sync for you life RuPual gives each of the queens one simple piece of advice.  Good luck and don't fuck it up. Valentina fucked it up.  Don't get me wrong, she was one of my favorites too, but I was totally turned that not only did she not bother to learn the song, but after Ru stopped the lip-sync to give her a chance to get it together she told Ru she didn't want to take the mask off.  As Ru said, "its a lip sync, what part of that don't you understand."