New Music: ArQuez Releases Video For "I Hope You Ready" Featuring Rozier

That ArQuez reign just won't let up.  His new track "I Hope You Ready" is a banger with raunchy lyrics and a catchy hook.  Its going to get a lot of play over here.

Vintage Documentary "Voguing and Realness" Shows The Ballroom Scene Pre "Paris is Burning"

The low-fi video piece NYC Balls: Voguing & Realness is a one-of-a-kind voyage into the early world of New York City balls in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This gritty 20-minute picture opens at the House of Omni Ball in 1988, and then cuts to the first ever museum-curated "Evening of House Music and Voguing" at El Museo Del Barrio, with Junior Vasquez spinning and influential designer Ms. Patricia Field (legendary designer for Sex and the City and Miami Vice) in the house that historic evening.

Gay Guys Take The Hot Pepper Challenge

This isn't the first time they've had something hot in their mouths.  And everyone knows you're supposed to swallow instead of spit.  Can these guys take the heat? 

These Guys Nailed Their Lady Gaga Telephone Parody!

Why are we just seeing this??!! Its everything we needed this Friday! From the fashion, to the dance moves, to the settings they got this video down to a t. 

Music video remake by Lady Gagita performing Telephone. © 2013 Mayaman University

After 4 years, Lady Gagita and Haronce are back in action with their remake of their epic viral video Telephone Parody. Mayaman University and it's associates are proud to present the much-awaited awaited parody up to date, the all time favorite Telephone Parody 2.0!

Ballroom Community Mourns the Loss of Hicabee Milan

An outpouring of love as news spread of the passing of the Hicabee Milan.  Milan passed away on May 18, 2017 as his facebook was flooded with messages of condolences, sadness, and expressions of what he meant to all the lives of those he touched. He was a pioneer in new way vogue, known for his impeccable style, quit witt, razor like shade and warm spirit. His death is a loss to us all.  Rest on Hicabee you will be missed.  

Mouse Jones Let's The Hoteps Have It About Homophobia, Transphobia and Misogony

In a clip from the critically acclaimed "The Grapevine" Mouse Jones takes Hoteps to task about their blatant homophobia, transphobia and misogony when history has shown gays, trans and women have been at the forefront of every civil rights movement. 

Jay Will Says Blameitonkway Stole Titi's New Look From Kandie And Has Receipts!

Internet superstar Jay Will is not here for Blameitonkway's character Titi's new look, saying she now looks like a carbon copy of a character he created named Kandie.  In a video just recently posted to Facebook Jay will asked ""You wana see a dead body?" (little kid from BoyzNdaHood voice) Blameitonkway . Kandie - Lipton Thief"  

Lamarr Townsend Asks "I'm Gay and Out of The Closet, Why Am I Not Happy Yet"

People think that coming out is some cure all to all of life's problems but its usually just the beginning of a long road to self acceptance.  In his latest vlog, Lamarr Townsend tackles coming out and the aftermath. 

Gay Man Hilariously Explains Getting A Prostate Exam For The First Time

Not THAT kind of prostate exam, the one that checks for cancer.  What has your doctor done for you lately? Watch as Vlogger Oliver Twixt talks about his first experience.  

Documentary "Just Between Us" Takes The Pulse of the 21st Century Black LGBTQ Community

JUST BETWEEN US is a documentary that was inspired by its creator and director Ken Jackson to educate the community about its own limitations of being a voice in American society. Jackson traveled the United States to meet the legends, the pioneers and the revolutionaries of the 21st Century in the African-American Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender community to gauge its position as a whole since the start of the new century.