My Mom Found Out I Like Boys! - A Coming Out Story

Zell Swag Talks Fighting On The Reunion, Fat Shaming and Rumors of Being Fired

Zell Swag left no stone unturned with this exclusive interview with the Jasmine Brand.  In it he discusses regretting fighting on the reunion, denying accusations of fat shaming other cast members, and how he actually got on the show.  Its an interesting watch if you're a Zell Swag fan, and if you're not its an introduction to the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood fan favorite. 

Vloggger Andrew Braxton Talks Crystal Meth Fueled Sex Parties

Never one to shy away from controversy or transparency, vlogger Andrew Braxton talks about his experience using meth and attending sex parties while under the influence.  In the video he gets a little graphic so you'll have oto escsue the language but you'll get the point.  

Watch: Christian Banks and Ray Potts Got At It On FB Live

We all know that Kelly is here for the shit and luckily she grabbed all the drama, tea, kool-aid and blood that was spilled last night when Christian Banks and Ray Potts got on live.  Its gonna take more than a wet vac to clean up all the mess that was told.  Watch part one and part two of the videos that everyone is talking about below. 

Buzzfeed Presents: I'm Gay But I'm Not...

We don't think they thought this one all the way through but whatever works for them.  The video is gay men talking about stereotypical gay things they don't do.  Like "I'm gay but I'm not a hairdresser"  OK...

Watch: Homophobia In Black Greek Letter Organizations

Journalist and Activist George M Johnson sits down with SLAY TV for this 5 part series on Homophobia in Black Greek Letter Organizations.  In this first video he shares his triumps and struggles within his own organization as well as finding the intercetionality of being black, queer and greek.  Dive in to the first part of what is sure to be an insightful series below.

Straight Comedian Explains Why Homophobia Makes No Sense

“If you’re a straight man and you go to a gay bar, if you stay long enough, eventually a guy will approach you… I mean, that’s just how men work: we hit on whoever’s around, doesn’t matter, gay or straight… And I remember the first time it happened to me and I was not ready for it: I was in a gay bar and this guy came up to me and he was like, ‘Hey man, first off, don’t worry — I know you’re not gay, so don’t worry… but I was just thinking, we’re out, we’re having a good time, why don’t I buy you a couple of shots, y’know, maybe we go down to the bathroom, maybe, I don’t know, I show you a

Comedian Raneir Pollard shows why we need gay assassins

Hopefully this will tickle your funny bone this Friday!

Web Series "Blackville" Focuses on a Gay Preacher's Kid Trying To Find His Way

A preacher's kid finds himself stuck between choosing region or the freedom of self-expression. Watch the story unfold in this new Bawn TV series!  Be sure to check it out along with the rest of the Bawn TV lineup at

Short Film "Boyfriend" By Kyle Kierger Tackles The Ups and Downs Of New Love

From the video notes: 

I recently teamed up with a few of my best friends to create this short film for my application to film school. This is my first attempt at directing a film and I really loved the process so much. I learned a lot about storytelling. I was present to how exciting and challenging it can be to bring out emotion using imagery and very little dialog.