"Not A Horror Story" Tells The Story Of A Gay Male Witch Finding His Way

Not A Horror Story The Short Film picks up with Ian getting settled into the house for special male witches. Once he meets the house Superior, the history of his 'kind' is revelead . See what happens when these five young witches explore this untrusting world together.

New Reality Show "Status" Focuses On Atlanta Gay Nightlife Socialites

Six individuals from different walks of the LGBT community are showcased in Atlanta Nightlife scene with one common interest, Their “Status”. Whether they are openly gay, feminine, masculine or discreet the one thing that matters the most is their influence on the club scene.

Produced By: K & D Productions 

D. Woods Joins The Cast of Popular Gay Webseries "T.R.A.D.E"

(Atlanta) Platinum Recording Artist and Actress, D. Woods has joined as a lead cast member in Season 2 of popular webseries T.R.A.D.E (The.Reality.About.Downlow.Experiences). She plays a Congress woman by the name of Marcela Ashford who is running for the coveted seat of Georgia’s next Governor. With political elections there comes scandal and she’s not holding back on doing whatever it takes to expose her two candidates in the running.

Series​ ​Overview:

Roman McQueen and Gio Star In New Gay Webseries "Dirty Talk"

When the quiet storm meets gay erotica.  Dirty Talk Radio is hosted by DJ Kobi as he interacts with many of his callers and their sexcapades!!!

Vlogger itsDonBon Shares The Time He Tried To Pray The Gay Away

"Stop Fingering Me" Man Claims Stop And Frisk Crossed The Line


JoAnne The Scammer Gets Kylie Jenner Makeover + Branden Has New Teeth

"Got a bag and fixed his teeth, hope you hoes know it ain't cheap"  We're happy to see him doing well.  Also this video is hilarious.  

Watch: New Short Gay Film "In The Dark"

A gay college student, Austin, is hiding his sexuality from everyone in his life, until he meets Eric. Austin is instantly attracted to Eric's comfort in who he is. When they start a relationship, Austin may have to choose between keeping Eric in his life or keeping his secret. 

Vlogger Justin Marcus Talks Leaving Youtube, Getting Jumped By His Ex Boyfriend and Ex Best Friend

Hey guys if you didn't know why i haven't posted in like 2 months well here it is , this video was very hard for me to do but i owed you guys an explanation & i hope you can forgive me . I'm glad to say though I'm back and in full effect , i love you guys so much for still being subscribed & requesting me back after so long. love ya 

Couple Rechard and Darell Share Their Coming Out Stories

Everyone has a coming out story.  This week we here how popular vloggers and real life couple Rechard and Darell came out to those closest to them.  As they say in the description, grab your popcorn!  Its juicy!