When your boyfriend and gay best friend don't get along

We have a hard time taking any of these "comedians" seriously when they only seem to be funny when they dress up as caricatures of black women.  We also don't think many of them are straight, but thats another post.  This video is borderline bs because I'm pretty cool with my girl's boyfriends.  The only straight men that tend to have a problem with their girl having a gay bestfriend are the ones that secretly want to suck your dick.

Shoe Palace Employee Attacks Gay Man, Gets Dragged Like A Old Pair Of Shoelaces

Alè Valenzuela was minding his business when a Shoe Palace employee acosted him in Sherman Oaks mall.  Somebody should have told him Mr. Valenzuela had them paws.  How do you start a fight, lose a fight and call someone a faggot.  He and Shoe Palace are in for a rude awakening as Alè is threatening legal action.

In a facebook post he states:

I was just assaulted by the manager of Shoe Palace at the Sherman Oaks Mall. He was arrested and taken to jail. I will be contacting their corporate office tomorrow first thing in the morning.

Supaman and Ronald Matters Are All Of Us Reacting To Moonlight's Best Picture Oscar Win

Moonlight's Best Picture win got a lot of people talking including two of our favs, Supaman and Ronald Matters of ronaldmatters.com.  Watch the video below of the two of them reacting to the movie's historic win.  It wasn't too different from our own!


Watch: Trailer For "H.E. (Handsome Enigma) Tackles Domestic Violence In Gay Relationships

From the folks who gave us T.R.A.D.E. It All comes a full length feature film that takes domestic violence in same sex relationships head on.  The story follows Talon Alexander Jordan, when Talon and his friends visit Club Currency to celebrate his 27th birthday.

What is meant to be a night of celebration amongst friends, turns into a night that changes Talon's life forever. Talon, meets club promoter Raynard "RJ" Lennox JR who he believes is the love of his life.

Watch: Christian Banks 'Since Bitches Wanna Lie I Got Receipts'

We saw this video being shared all over FB today so we decided to give it a watch.  Over the course of 40 minutes Christian Banks takes us on a journey into NYC nightlife wihch included the 3 fights he got into last night.

There are plenty of quotes from this that we will be incorporating into our lexicon because this was fucking hilarious.  If he doesn't get a show from somewhere else, we'll give him one.  

Watch below.  

Watch: "About Him Freshman Year" Supertrailer

The About HIm Franchise is taking over, Bawn TV and Tyson Anthony are serving up more drama for your viewing pleasure with "About Him: Freshman Year"  We have really got to hand it to them for churring out the series and giving the fans what they want.  They describe Freshman Year as:

There’s no denying that it’s all about him – Damien.

Marvin Hodges Presents: Suicide Thorough A Black Gay Man's Eyes

Marvin Hodges from Richmond, VA performs a poem about almost committing suicide at the Philly Pigeon. 

To accompany the video we decide to include some facts and statistics about suicide in the LGBT community.  If you're having thoughts about suicide please seek help.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.

The rate of suicide attempts is 4 times greater for LGB youth and 2 times greater for questioning youth than that of straight youth.

So Where You Gonna Stay Tonight Man? The Deeper Meaning Behind This Scene From Moonlight

One thing we really enjoyed about Moonlight was a lot was said without saying a lot. It's amazing they were able to capture the exact sentiment on film because this is how my friends and I felt after watching this scene.

The Space Between (Black Gay Short Film) Explores What Happens When Two Roommates Fall In Love

Living in close proximity to someone can bring on suprising results.  The folks over at The Each-Other Project, explore this theme in a short film they debuted last year called "The Space Between"

From the video notes:

After commissioning playwright Jiréh Breon Holder, The Space Between is our first film project.

The short follows two roommates who fall in love in a single, unlikely moment: a sneeze. On the verge of confession, one’s girlfriend enters and ends the moment forever.

Gay Muslim Shares His Coming Out Story

We all have a story.  Here's Saih's story.  We love the way this video is set uo because he's acutally reflecting back on a video he posted years back where he was coming out to his Muslim parents and how his life was then versus how it is now.  We could all learn a lot from his journey.   Take a look at the video below.