Gay Dude Claims "That's So Raven" Actor Orlando Brown Hit Him Up On A Gay Dating App


Watch: Trailer For New Black Gay Webseries "Honest Men" From Tyson Anthony

Introducing "Honest Men" A show about fatherhood, their sons, and the boy next door. Featuring the return of Tripp Ali and based on the novel "Fatherly Figure" by Tyson Anthony

Just Because: These Guys Popping Their Pecs To The Beat


Video: Cop Accidentally Grabs Guys Meat During Frisk

In the officer's defense, it does look like a deadly weapon.  I'm sure people are lining up to get assualted.  Seriously though what did he think he was grabbing?  


Muslim Gay Guy Tells His Coming Out Story

Watch: "About Percy" the About Him Parody That Will Have You Hollering

I have not laughed this hard in a long time.  Don't get me wrong, I love all the "About" series, but this shit is FUN-NEEEE.  Signal23 is gonna get your subscription coins whether you like it or not bruh(or sis/sus)  This looks like pure foolishness in a good way.  Nothing we're going to type here is going to properly do it justice.  You just have to watch lol. 

Funny! When They Eating The Groceries Too Good

Sometimes no doesn't mean yes, and stop doesn't mean keep going.  Let this be a lesson to everyone. lol

Watch: Trailer For Signal 23's "About Us"

Signal 23 is bringing us another black gay webseries. Ayden and Brent work together to maintain a healthy relationship as two gay men in a society where they are setup to fail.

Gay Dude Fights Woman After She Calls Him A F*ggot


Full Movie: "H.E. (Handsome Enigma) Tackles Domestic Violence In Gay Relationships

From the folks who gave us T.R.A.D.E. It All comes a full length feature film that takes domestic violence in same sex relationships head on.  The story follows Talon Alexander Jordan, when Talon and his friends visit Club Currency to celebrate his 27th birthday.

What is meant to be a night of celebration amongst friends, turns into a night that changes Talon's life forever. Talon, meets club promoter Raynard "RJ" Lennox JR who he believes is the love of his life.