Majesty Girls- Documentary About Trans Women Overcoming Obstacles Needs Your Help

Majesty Girls is a documentary that brings a spotlight to trans women who have accomplished and overcome self doubt discrimination.

Majesty Girls is a organization that spotlights and honors trans women who have accomplished and overcome self doubt, discrimination and transgender violence. So join us a we embark on this journey of honesty, self love and healing. Allow these Beautiful and REAL stories to inspire and assist anyone who have considered transitioning or currently in the process.  

TS Madison Hinton Reviews The Perfect Guy

In her latest video TS Madison Hinton gives her review of the #1 movie in the US, "The Perfect Guy" starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut. 

Take a peak at the trailer and then watch Madison's review.



Chris Brown To Pay ATL Gay Pride Promoters $12,500 For Missed Performance

Good luck getting him to perform in the future.  After catching all sorts of backlash for not appearing at an ATL Gay Pride event Chris Brown and Promoters have finally reached an agreement.

According to TMZ:

Chris Brown and the folks who accused him of bailing on ATL Black Gay Pride Weekend have settled their differences … and all it took was CB forking over $12,500.

According to our sources, a deal really was in place for CB to perform at the September 7 event, but details of the performance never got to Chris.

Life In Lockdown: Gay Man Explains How Feminine Men Are Treated In Prison

Web personality Jacob Kobinoor recently sat down a former prison inmate to discuss what life is really like for an openly gay feminine male in prison.  "We run the jail" and "We were treated like royalty" are phrases that come up more than once. 

"Recording Live" From Atlanta Pride With Armon Wiggins

One of our favorite vloggers up and coming star Armon Wiggins was "Recording Live" in Atlanta for Pride this weekend and was able to capture some of the sights, sounds and even had a sit down dinner with another star in our community TS Madison Hinton.   After Hinton shared one of Armon's videos last week, he hinted that Madison was one of his dream guests and he couldn't wait to get her on cam saying "Recording Live" which we are sure is going to be a popular tag line in the future.

Glad the two of them met and had a ki in the process!

He Stabbed Me But I Love Him: Couple Sheds Insight On Same Sex Domestic Violence

As a former victim of domestic violence in a same gender relationship let me be the first to tell you if you haven't heard this before.  They won't stop hitting you until you leave or they kill you. 

When The Ocean Can't Handle Your Death Drops

Meet Jaylen Dill.  The Death Drop King. 

10's: TS Madison Hinton and Amiyah Scott Spotted Out During ATL Pride

One word.  Sitting.  Madison Hinton and Amiyah Scott were spotted out and about during their numerous appearances this past weekend for Atlanta Pride.  Of course they looked fantastic!  Madison showed off a new hair style rocking, switching up her look to royal blue and pairing it with a beautiful black lace top. 

Amiyah gave us sophistication and class with a clean and fresh white mini.

Looks like they had a great time!

Watch the Triangle Season 2 Jumbo Trailer

As media personality Jacob Kobinoor put it "The Gay Love and Hip Hop". While mainstream media hurries to add LGBT characters to boost ratings, Triangle and Ballroom Throwbacks have been showcasing talent within our community since 2009.