Watch: New Short Gay Film "In The Dark"

A gay college student, Austin, is hiding his sexuality from everyone in his life, until he meets Eric. Austin is instantly attracted to Eric's comfort in who he is. When they start a relationship, Austin may have to choose between keeping Eric in his life or keeping his secret. 

Vlogger Justin Marcus Talks Leaving Youtube, Getting Jumped By His Ex Boyfriend and Ex Best Friend

Hey guys if you didn't know why i haven't posted in like 2 months well here it is , this video was very hard for me to do but i owed you guys an explanation & i hope you can forgive me . I'm glad to say though I'm back and in full effect , i love you guys so much for still being subscribed & requesting me back after so long. love ya 

Couple Rechard and Darell Share Their Coming Out Stories

Everyone has a coming out story.  This week we here how popular vloggers and real life couple Rechard and Darell came out to those closest to them.  As they say in the description, grab your popcorn!  Its juicy! 

New Black Gay Mini Series Trading Pasts: The Prequel To T.R.A.D.E

Who doesn't love a good back story? This is a PREQUEL to T.R.A.D.E THE SERIES

Trading Secrets: Jayden and Jamil is a 6 part mini series about the friendship and growing Bromance between the two. 
This is the beginning how Jayden and Jamil first met. 

Written By: Dante Black

An AGTV Online Original Series in association with P3K Productions

Executive Produced By: KL Allen
Associate Producer: DiamondKesawn

Director: KL Allen

Cinematographer: Kensly Fresh 

Editor: Khalil Williams

Atlanta Black Gay Pride 2017: Gio, Romeo and Sidney Starr Get Wet and Wild at Pool Party

Atlanta is the place to be this weekend as Pride is in full effect with only a couple of days left before its time for everyone to head home and get back to their regular lives.  There were a few pool parties going on but none of them looked as fun as the one Giovanni, his boo Romeo and the legendary Sidney Starr attended.  

A Tough Act To Follow: Documentary Examines Women & Black Gay Men In Comedy & Film

"A Tough Act To Follow" is a revealing short film filled with stories and perspectives from actors and comics about the challenges of being black, being gay, being women in comedy clubs and Hollywood.  The documentary features Sampson McCormick, Adele Givens, Darryl Stephens, Karen Williams, Luenell, Karen Ripley & Sinbad. Co-Produced by Emmy Award winning director Todd Clark.

Gay Dude Claims "That's So Raven" Actor Orlando Brown Hit Him Up On A Gay Dating App


Watch: Trailer For New Black Gay Webseries "Honest Men" From Tyson Anthony

Introducing "Honest Men" A show about fatherhood, their sons, and the boy next door. Featuring the return of Tripp Ali and based on the novel "Fatherly Figure" by Tyson Anthony

Just Because: These Guys Popping Their Pecs To The Beat


Video: Cop Accidentally Grabs Guys Meat During Frisk

In the officer's defense, it does look like a deadly weapon.  I'm sure people are lining up to get assualted.  Seriously though what did he think he was grabbing?