Man vs Man - Domestic Violence in Gay Relationships

Candid conversation with a gay man that was involved in an abusive relationship that lasted over 3 years. Domestic violence is often thought of as an issue that only involves women as the victim, but it occurs in 50% of all LGBTQ relationships. We’re breaking the silence on this issue. Share this podcast with your social media network to support our efforts.

Story Time: He Tried To Bite My Meat Off

This is not what anyone means when they say show me what that mouth do.  If you've ever had someone in experienced go down it will feel like master shredder got a hold of your meat. Watch as Rod tells his story. 

Darren Fleet Presents: Mamas Always Know (When You're Gay)

This was hilarious!  I've been in both positions where I've recieved the talk before meeting someone's mama and giving the talk before someone meets my family.  As you get a little older and wiser you soon realize family always knows, especially your mama.  

Elders React To In A Heartbeat (Animated Short Gay Film)

Writes FBE:

We see many asking, “Why Elders for this episode?” Couple reasons. Reality is the Elders were the ones filming this week, so once we saw an overwhelming amount of you suggesting it, the Elders were the ones to do it with to cover it as fast as we could for you all. Doesn’t mean we won’t do it with another generation if there is want of it over time! Also, Elders can give us all a interesting perspective on this type of short since it would not even be possible earlier in their lifetime, and that is a compelling reaction and conversation to watch.

Watch: Aunty Chan Is Reclaiming Her Time in this Maxine Waters Remix

I honestly cannot get enough of these reclaiming my time videos, songs and remixes but this one takes the cake!  Aunty Chan gives you full Maxine Waters sass, class and everything else we've come to expect from this star.  

Gay Men Speak Out About Muslims and The Pulse Attack

Sheikh Akbar went out to the Pride Parade in NYC to ask about their viewpoints on the Orlando attack & what they think about Muslims.

Mykal Kilgore Joins Maxine Waters for a Gospel Version of‘Reclaiming My Time’ on ‘The View’

What a great way to end the week.  Gospel singer Mykal Kilgore joined Maxine Waters on the View to serenade her with a gospel remix of her now famous "Reclaiming My Time" video.  He can sing!  Check out the clip below.  

Story Time: His wife called me. He's DL

What would you do if you were messing with a guy and his wife called?  Don't know?  Well Rod is here to tell you what he did when it happened to him.  Take a look a the video below.  Was his reaction too much or too little? 

Out Rapper/Actor King David Talks Triangle Web Series and More

Kvng David has always been artistically gifted. Being immersed in performance and musical arts by the age of 5, he developed a deep understanding for music and its connection to the soul. By age 12 he was the lead in a five artist singing/rapper group named "Da Hotness" where he also served as lead song writer. In his adulthood he became heavily involved in video blogging, eventually leading him into film where he starred as "Winston Corey" on "Triangle" series, as well as embarking on numerous independent visual endeavors. A natural writer and poet, he turned his attention back to music.

Logo Bringing Back Noah's Arc For Summer '17

After VH1 picked up RuPaul's Drag Race we officially had no reason to have to Logo channel, and we still don't because we have Noah's Arc on DVD, but this is cute for them.  ViaNewNowNext: It’s time to reunite with Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance.

The classic LGBT series Noah’s Arc, about a group of friends trying to navigate the gay dating scene in L.A., ran on Logo from 2005 to 2006 and wrapped up with a 2008 feature film, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom.