Jasmine Masters To Tops: Bottoms Need Time To Get Ready So Be Patient

When a bottom says he's gonna be ready in 20 minutes he really means an hour from now, after he's had time to flush himself out.  You can't rush perfection and if you don't want your meat covered in curry sauce or whatever else he had to eat earlier, you'll give him the necessary time to get ready.  

Series "Before I Got Famous" Follows Gay Chinese Immigrant Looking For Love

The series follows Alex, a young gay actor immigrating from China looking for his big break in Hollywood. When the good-looking,21-year-oldleaves his small town to move to the big city, herealizes two scary truths: he is not the only handsome man out there, and he is not the only one who dreams to become a movie star


No Homo! Comedy Team Shows Straight Guys In the Gayest of Situations

With friends like these who needs Jack'd.  I personally don't take offense to No Homo though I do think it plays into tropes and toxic masculinity.  However.  Funny is funny and this made us laugh.  

Vlogger Andrew Braxton Gives 4 Month Update After His Brazilian Butt Lift

Looks like money well spent to me.  I'm in no way against or above plastic surgery especially if you get results like this.  Andrew has been chronicling his journey via Facebook and Youtube for the past 4 months ending up on Mediatakeout and Worldstar.  Check out the video below and let him know what you think about the results!

Transwoman's Past As An Escort Comes Back To Haunt Her In New Webseries "Twisted"

Rahim Brazil, who you might recognize from the About Him Franchise as Cousin Kendall is taking off his acting act and adding writer, director and producer to his resume all in one swoop.  He's created a new series Twisted and we've got to say we're excited about it.  

The series set to debut soon follows Vanessa (played by Toni Bryce) who has turned from her old ways of escorting and started a health program.  Things take a turn for the worst when her past comes back to haunt her.

Watch: Youtubers React To Right In Front Of My Salad Memes

This is a quick way to get in a quick laugh today.  The folks from React are back with their latest video and capture popular youtubers response to the origin of the "Right In Front of My Salad" meme. 

Man vs Man - Domestic Violence in Gay Relationships

Candid conversation with a gay man that was involved in an abusive relationship that lasted over 3 years. Domestic violence is often thought of as an issue that only involves women as the victim, but it occurs in 50% of all LGBTQ relationships. We’re breaking the silence on this issue. Share this podcast with your social media network to support our efforts.

Story Time: He Tried To Bite My Meat Off

This is not what anyone means when they say show me what that mouth do.  If you've ever had someone in experienced go down it will feel like master shredder got a hold of your meat. Watch as Rod tells his story. 

Darren Fleet Presents: Mamas Always Know (When You're Gay)

This was hilarious!  I've been in both positions where I've recieved the talk before meeting someone's mama and giving the talk before someone meets my family.  As you get a little older and wiser you soon realize family always knows, especially your mama.  

Elders React To In A Heartbeat (Animated Short Gay Film)

Writes FBE:

We see many asking, “Why Elders for this episode?” Couple reasons. Reality is the Elders were the ones filming this week, so once we saw an overwhelming amount of you suggesting it, the Elders were the ones to do it with to cover it as fast as we could for you all. Doesn’t mean we won’t do it with another generation if there is want of it over time! Also, Elders can give us all a interesting perspective on this type of short since it would not even be possible earlier in their lifetime, and that is a compelling reaction and conversation to watch.