Story Time: His wife called me. He's DL

What would you do if you were messing with a guy and his wife called?  Don't know?  Well Rod is here to tell you what he did when it happened to him.  Take a look a the video below.  Was his reaction too much or too little? 

Out Rapper/Actor King David Talks Triangle Web Series and More

Kvng David has always been artistically gifted. Being immersed in performance and musical arts by the age of 5, he developed a deep understanding for music and its connection to the soul. By age 12 he was the lead in a five artist singing/rapper group named "Da Hotness" where he also served as lead song writer. In his adulthood he became heavily involved in video blogging, eventually leading him into film where he starred as "Winston Corey" on "Triangle" series, as well as embarking on numerous independent visual endeavors. A natural writer and poet, he turned his attention back to music.

Logo Bringing Back Noah's Arc For Summer '17

After VH1 picked up RuPaul's Drag Race we officially had no reason to have to Logo channel, and we still don't because we have Noah's Arc on DVD, but this is cute for them.  ViaNewNowNext: It’s time to reunite with Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance.

The classic LGBT series Noah’s Arc, about a group of friends trying to navigate the gay dating scene in L.A., ran on Logo from 2005 to 2006 and wrapped up with a 2008 feature film, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom.

Milan Christopher Attempts To Break The Internet Again With New Adonis Underwear Ad

As if the front of him wasn't enough, Milan is giving you another reason to buy sexy underwear for yourself or for your man.  The ad leaves very litte to the imagination, though we guess thats the point.  You can see more of their underwear here :

Watch: Rod Jay and Del Play A Dirty Game of Truth Or Dare

Things get heated as friends Rod Jay and Dell play a quick round of Truth or Dare on IG, Live.  We dare you to watch it! 

On Last Night's Episode of Catfish, A Guy Was Using Fitness Model Koree Antonio's Pics

It was the first episode of Catfish where I was yelling at the TV during the previews going "That's not him, I know that guy and his name ain't Wayne!" It kinda took the fun out of watching the episode since I already knew she was being Catfished but I watched it anyway and the ending was, well you'll just have to watch and see.  Check out a clip below. 

Video: Black Gay and Nerdy-Queer Black Cosplay

In season 2 episode 5 of PBS Digital Studios' First Person, host Kirya Traber talks to cosplayer Tony Ray about embracing life as a 'Blerd' and his experience navigating the cosplay community as a queer Black man.

Watch: People Try To Guess The Sexual Orientation of Strangers

Do you think you could guess the sexual orientation of a stranger just by looking at them?  Via Attitude: The clip by WatchCut Video sees five participants assign labels to a series of individuals base on nothing more than their appearance and answers to a quick series of questions.

The result is an eye-opening insight into the stereotypes that feed into the idea of having a ‘gaydar’, and shows the importance of trying not to do that one thing we’ve all been guilty of at some point: forcing labels upon others.

Youtuber Jesse Hansen Talks About His First Time In A Gay Club

We all remember our first time.  Not THAT first time, the other first time where you put on your finest outfit and hit on out to the gay club.  Youtuber Jesse Hansen shares his first time.

Vine Star D Breezy and His Boyfriend Discuss Coming Out

In a recent interview with Imani Adrea, Vine Star D Breezy and his boyfriend Sky sit down for a discussion about coming out and how their lives have been changed afterwards.  Take a look at their insightful and endearing conversation below.